Compact Power Delivery

Intelligent power supply for low resistance heaters, custom PCB, custom firmware, user interface

Custom Motor Encoder

Hall sensors, detects rotation of a magnet, 12V operation, custom PCB, custom cable harness, production order

Wifi Window Shade Controller

Wifi radio, 12V operation, 12W bi-directional motor driver, RGB LED feedback, up/down/stop/program inputs, custom PCB, custom firmware

High Speed IMU DAQ

Connect up to 6 IMU sensors, logs data before and after impact, SD card, Wifi, high speed SPI, battery powered, custom PCB, custom software

LED Lighting

LED driver, 12V operation, reverse polarity protection, custom PCB design

Illuminated Collar

Battery powered LED driver, push button

Industrial Illuminated E-stop Button

Custom LED PCB lights LED when E-STOP is pressed, power scavenge circuitry, compact design

Battery Powered Nebulizer Driver

Humidifier piezo driver, lid open/close detection, simple interface, USB battery powered, custom PCB, custom firmware

Cellular USPS Automobile Tracker

Cellular module, CAN-LIN communication enabled, custom firmware, custom hardware

Multi-layer Rigid Flex Bluetooth Printer Sensor Interface

Analog front end for conditioning force sensor signals, Bluetooth to mobile apps, USB battery charging, custom PCB, custom software

Reverse Engineering

Extremely high volume PCB design, wire bonding, system on board design

Motor RPM Gauge + Stepper Motor Driver

Read signals from engine tachometer, automotive power supply, server controller, position feedback, custom PCB, customer firmware

Reverse Engineering Optocoupler Control PCB

Reverse engineering, 24V operation, 10+ year production lifetime, pilot production run, custom PCB

Muscle-wire Parachute Driver

Long range RF control, closed-loop muscle wire controller, temperature feedback, battery powered, custom PCB, custom firmware

300W DC Motor Controller

Automotive power supply rated, DC pump control, OLED display, user interface, custom PCB, custom software


Multilayer flex PCB, power control feedback, mini color OLED display, user interface, battery powered, custom PCB, custom firmware

Sensorless Brushless DC Control Board

Wide operating voltage range, Input voltage: 50-250VAC, Current capability: 1-5A, Speed range 1000 to 120000 RPM

Battery Powered Two-Way 900MHz Radio

Custom PCB trace antenna, battery powered, long life, custom PCB, custom firmware

400 Watt Brushless DC Motor Controller

Wide operating range, 12-24V input, 35A current capability, 7,000 RPM, custom PCB, custom firmware

Bluetooth + Long Range 900MHz Telemetry Radio

Long range RF, rechargeable battery powered, Bluetooth to laptop communication, Windows 10 GUI interface, manufacturing contract, custom PCB, custom firmware, custom software

Wearable Bluetooth password storage dongle
PCB design, Embedded firmware, Security audited by a third party company, Remote freeze (for temporary deactivation), AES 128-bit encryption, AES 256-bit encryption, RSA 4096-bit encryption, Spoof prevention
Wearable Bluetooth wristband
Pilot production run, high volume consumer design, RGB LEDs, vibrating motor, Bluetooth, user interface, App interface, embedded firmware, custom PCB
Successful with IoT Industry 4.0
WiFi, Ethernet, USB PC interface, 10x 0-24V inputs, 10x 0-24V outputs, 250mA current limited outputs, 10x 4-20mA inputs, 10x 4-20mA outputs, embedded software, custom PCB, low volume PCB production
Motion Sensor and Alarm System
Bluetooth, high brightness LEDs, metal core PCB, doppler sensor, battery powered, siren, user interface, embedded firmware, custom PCB
Miniature heater element
Temperature sensor, resistor as heating element, pogo-pin interface, RC network, production volume greater than 1M pieces per year, custom PCB, production
Bluetooth Accelerometer Data Logger
Battery powered, accelerometer, battery powered, Bluetooth, embedded firmware, custom PCB, production
LED Level Gen 1

LED driver, user interface, battery powered, high volume consumer product, accelerometer, embedded software, custom PCB

Motion Stabilized Camera

9-axis IMU, high voltage input, RS232 interface, 3x brushless DC motor controller, embedded firmware, custom PCB

Wearable Early Alert System
Wearable Bluetooth alarm, high brightness flash LEDs, vibrating motor, RGB LEDs, battery powered, Bluetooth radio, custom firmware, custom PCB
Photo-Interrupt Sensor

PCB for mounting sensors, custom cable harness, custom PCB

Wearable Bluetooth Vibrating Wristband

High volume, RGB LEDs, vibrating motor, Bluetooth, user interface, App interface, embedded firmware, custom PCB

Miniature Heater Element

Temperature sensor, resistor as heating element, pogo-pin interface, RC network, production volume greater than 1M pieces per year, custom PCB, production

Waterproof Vibration Sensor
Bluetooth, motion sensors, IMU, battery powered, USB, high volume, DSP, embedded firmware, custom PCB
Air Pressure Monitor
Pressure, humidity, and temperature sensor, datalogger, embedded firmware, custom PCB
Bluetooth Accelerometer Data Logger

Battery powered, accelerometer, battery powered, Bluetooth, embedded firmware, custom PCB, production

Power Distribution PCB
Power management, DC/DC converter, USB power supply, custom PCB
Low cost character LCD display project

LCD display, user interface, datalogger, embedded software, custom PCB

Pressure sensor data logger

EEPROM memory storage, analog front end, low power, embedded software, custom PCB

High volume greeting cards

Single layer PCB, chip-on-board wire bonding design, low cost BOM, custom PCB

Motion Sensor data logger

Accelerometer, data logger, SD card, Bluetooth, battery powered, PC software, embedded software, custom PCB

Automotive power supply for a CAN bus computer

Power supply design, CAN bus, OBD port, power management, custom PCB

CAN bus monitor

Data logger, Bluetooth, OBD port, automotive power supply, SD card, embedded firmware, custom PCB

Bluetooth air quality sensor

USB interface, Bluetooth, analog front end, battery backup, embedded firmware, custom PCB

9-axis IMU glove motion sensors

IMU sensors, micro electronics, flex PCB, custom cable harness, embedded firmware, custom PCB

Wearable USB motion sensor

USB, real-time sensor streaming, high speed, motion sensor, embedded firmware, custom PCB

Battery powered bluetooth motion sensor

Battery powered, Bluetooth, real-time sensor streaming, high speed, motion sensor, embedded firmware, custom PCB

Battery powered bluetooth motion sensor

Battery powered, Bluetooth, real-time sensor streaming, high speed, motion sensor, embedded firmware, custom PCB

Miniature real time USB motion sensor

USB, real-time sensor streaming, high speed, motion sensor, embedded firmware, custom PCB, PC interface

Miniature OLED programming

User interface, OLED menu programming, embedded firmware

Fingertip motion sensor PCB + control PCB

Sensor array, battery powered, haptic feedback, Bluetooth, embedded firmware, custom PCBs

IoT strain gauge and motor driver PCB

Web interface, strain gauge, analog front end, Ethernet, microprocessor, H-bridge DC motor driver, real time streaming, embedded firmware, custom PCB

Wearable security device

Battery powered, data encryption, Bluetooth. real-time clock, USB charging, PC software, embedded firmware, custom PCB

Wireless remote control

Bluetooth, user interface, low power, battery powered, embedded firmware, custom PCB

MRI OLED goggles

OLED display programming, PC interface, SD card storage, eval boards, embedded firmware

Bluetooth speaker

Audio amplifier, Bluetooth, battery powered, SD card storage, PC interface, embedded firmware, custom PCB

Display for downloading and viewing data

OLED character display, user interface, menu navigation, battery powered, embedded firmware, custom PCBs

Solar powered motion sensor light

High brightness LEDs, solar panel, battery charging, motion sensor, embedded firmware, custom PCB

Motor driver control PCB

Wide input voltage range, H-bridge motor controller, rotary switch input, indicator LEDs, embedded firmware, custom PCB

Metal core PCBs for high brightness LED spotlight

Metal core PCB assembly, thermal calculations, cable assembly, custom PCB

Stepper motor carousel control PCB

User interface switches, thermal feedback, stepper motor control, embedded firmware, custom PCB

Case Studies

Successful Collaboration on a Wearables Project between an App Dev Team and Henway

Helping deliver loving and hopeful messages to loved ones in the hospital.

Henway Technologies has an abundance of battery powered bluetooth experience and recently completed an exciting project regarding a wearable wrist device that displays messages from loved ones to patients while they are in the hospital. 

Battery powered operations tend to be rather complex because you need to know your exact connection interval, how much data you’re streaming, how often you’re reconnecting, and how that affects your battery life. These factors often lead to people over promising and costing you valuable time and money. Because of our extensive experience in all different types of bluetooth protocol, both hardware and software and Android and IOS, we are confident that you can explain the application and we will know exactly what you need the first time, saving you time and money.  

Project Overview

The Caring Band Project was fun to be a part of because it fits so nicely with our skillset. A company came to us and wanted to develop a product that people in the hospital could get messages from loved ones, but they only had an app developer. The developer couldn’t make the hardware so they hired us and we made the 3D models, we built the prototypes using our in-house PCB assembly equipment, developed all the firmware and wrote the API.

Project Outcome

We worked with the developer  to ensure easy integration, and worked with another compniany to help develop then,mkjnk enclosure. We recently completed their beta test units and are now in the process of setting them up with our manufacturing partners for mass production.

We are excited about the success of this project and pride ourselves with our track record of successfully delivering hardware components to their mobile app and having those products go all the way to market. We would love to be a part of similar projects in the future!

Successful Development of Market Ready eFoil

Electronics build for eFoil control and battery case is reaching market entry. 

Project Overview

Henway Technologies has been working with the company Foil for over a year and is eager to see their product reach production in the beginning of 2020.

Foil is a high end watersports company whose headquarters is located in Pensacola, Florida.  They specialize in eFoils designed “for everyone”.  Check out more about the company on their website: https://www.getfoil.com/

Project Outcomes

Henway has had a big part in bringing this product to fruition. We designed all of the electronics that go inside the handheld controller. The controller has full color display equipped with menus and a gps to let you know your speed. It uses Qi compliant wireless charging with a custom qi compliant transmitter, bluetooth, and is completely waterproof. Inside the board in the battery case we log diagnostics of the battery management unit and the brushless dc motor. We also receive bluetooth commands from the controller and control the throttle to the motor, and we programmed all the motor control loop software in house.

Although Foil is headquartered in Florida their engineering headquarters is in Albany, New York. Because of this secondary location we have been able to do several onsite visits throughout this project to work out the fine details. It is always exciting to work with products that we know are going to make it all the way to market with our original electronics! Henway is excited to work with other companies similar to Foil in the future.

Successful Collaboration on a Bluetooth Wearables Project

Henway helps create a smart helmet to flag for concussions.
Project Overview

Henway Technologies recently took on an exciting project with Team Wendy regarding a smart helmet that can measure the amount of impact your head endures and predict the likelihood that you have a concussion and flag the system to acknowledge that you should be checked out by a medical professional.

Project Outcome

Team Wendy started out making helmets for skiing, and patented the padding they developed. From here they noticed there could be other uses for this application and they began supplying the department of defense with helmets. Then they began working to develop the previously mentioned smart helmets, and this is where Henway came in. They were debating contracting the work out but it became a no brainer when they came across us and our experience with motion sensors. Based on success in similar projects, experience working with 9-axis IMU sensor networks, and our in-house prototyping capabilities we would be a one-stop-shop for all of their outsourcing needs.

Successful Full Turnkey with VKS

Helped take VKS to the next level with the start to finish development of an Auto Advance Box. 
Project Overview

Henway Technologies recently finished a specialized manufacturing project with Visual Knowledge Share (VKS).

VKS is an Electronic Work Instruction solution developed to help manufacturers throughout their assembly processes. Learn more about VKS and their capabilities from their website: https://www.vksapp.com/.

Project Outcome

Henway worked with VKS to create the Auto Advance Box for the solution. The box includes ethernet, four USB outputs, SD card data logging, ten analog inputs, and 10 outputs that can be configured as either 24 volts out or relay contacts. In addition, we wrote the PC software for configuring the behavior of the system, for rebalancing the input signal, and for configuring the network.

We took this project all the way from start to finish and are currently working on packaging the boards and sending them to VKS. What did start to finish entail?

  • Design
  • Prototyping
  • Built/Programmed 30 boards in House
  • Wrote the test procedure
  • Package and Ship to customer

At Henway we love the opportunities to create boards and work with companies throughout their entire process. We want to make the experience as easy as possible on our customers and want them to feel confident they are receiving a high quality product that works.

Successful Robotic Motor Control Project

Long term out of town motor controlled robotics for medical applications.
Project Overview

Part one of this project was centered around a medical device that is under development in a collab between firms in New York, North Carolina, and Toronto. Being out of state, there was a good amount of virtual communication involved in this project mainly through video conference. 

Being a tech firm, we’re equipped with all the video conferencing tools, TV monitors, and cameras to host out of town calls and meetings easily. For this specific project, the team also came to visit us on-site and we spent the day together going over the fine details and ensuring we were delivering exactly what they were looking for.

Project Outcome

We have now perfected part one in which Henway wrote the software that drives the motor based on feedback from a 2Kg load cell, as well as the PC software to configure all the different settings of the robot such as max speed, max acceleration and deceleration, and it includes real-time graphing of both speed and torque.

The proposal for part of the project is in the works and will include the addition of custom bluetooth, wifi, custom load cell electronics, and custom cable harnesses. If everything goes as expected this will end up being a one or two year project for us.

Henway looks for projects of all different lengths of time from all different parts of the country. The robotics industry is growing every year and we are excited to be apart of the movement with this long term project with firms from different parts of the United States and abroad.