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Circuit Board Design, Assembly and Manufacturing

Trust The Experts at Henway

The electrical engineers at Henway Technologies have been serving Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and Universities for over 10 years⁠—producing high quality electronic protoypes, circuit designs, and software solutions that work for our clients.

Integration Built Around Your Needs

One of the secrets of Henway Technologies is our adaptability to your specific project and needs as a client. From integrating with your internal team for project management to transparent client communication, we pride ourselves on combining decades of electrical engineering expertise with a dedication to producing high-quality services our clients expect.

Full-Stack Electrical Engineering Expertise and Capability

From prototyping to assembly, Henway Technologies has capabilities you need for your project:

  • PCB Design and PCB Manufacturing
  • Small Batch Runs
  • Testing and Programming
  • Embedded Systems Design
  • Conductive Ink Circuit Layouts
  • Compact Design

Henway Difference

Choosing Henway Technologies as your electronics design and manufacturing partner means gaining a leg up in the marketplace and positioning your product for success. Here are just a few of the differences you’ll notice:

  • Rapid Prototyping and Quotes – Our agile team of hardware and software designers and engineers allow us to initiate projects faster than other firms.
  • Cost Effective Manufacturing – From small batch runs to our low non-recurring engineering process, were accustomed to low NRE that helps reduce costs.
  • Full Turnkey – Initial prototypes to manufacturing tens of thousands. We’re your partner in every single stage of your project. 
  • Accuracy, Testing and QA – Use of our pick and place machine, debugging, testing, and quality assurance process superior units and a headache-free experience for our clients.
  • Technology Experts – Henway prides itself on it’s range of technical experiences. Bluetooth, WiFi, OLED—there’s practically no technology or electrical engineer project we haven’t delivered successfully. 

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No obligation or commitment. Tell us about your electrical engineering project or call us at 330-227-4857.
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