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Henway Technologies offers electrical engineering design, software and manufacturing services. Since 2012, we’ve completed over 100 engineering projects for small companies, the Fortune 500, Universities and the federal government. We are a group of electrical engineers offering electrical engineering design, software development, and electronics manufacturing.

Henway’s secret to success is how closely we integrate with our customers and how quickly we can get a project started. We share in the project management tasks, maintain constant communication with your engineering team and help you communicate progress to your clients in ways that are easy to follow along. Our in-house production capabilities allow us to build prototypes in a third of the time it takes to send them out to a traditional fab house.

PCB Manufacturing

Do you think you’re paying too much for your PCBs or would rather work with someone local that can provide a turn-key electronics delivery? Henway has a complete line of PCB production equipment including a pick-and-place machine, reflow oven, stencil printer, and everything needed for hand soldering, reworking, and inspection.

Our Prototyping & Manufacturing Capabilities

PCB Pick and Place Machine

Our bench top PCB Pick and Place Machine is easy to program and can be utilized for any size project. Operated by our lead Hardware engineer this machine ensures projects are done efficiently, on time and with extreme attention to detail.

Microscopic Components

Henway’s equipment is not limited to any specific parts or boards. We can place any industry component regardless of size in order to ensure that the best suited part is being used.

Small Batch Runs

Henway Technologies understands the importance of small batch runs and we have positioned ourselves accordingly. With small machines and manual options, we are able to produce small batch runs quickly, at a very high quality, for a much lower price.

Debug and Rework

Problems can occur throughout a project, and at Henway we have the tools to fix those problems. We are confident in our ability to debug and rework most issues.

Low NRE Costs

Being a small business, we have more discretion in choosing when to do things by hand and when to use machines. This allows us to cut back on costs and keep prices low for our customers.

Production Runs

We can handle orders from tens up to thousands and if your order exceeds our in house capabilities, we are fortunate to have contract manufacturer partners all over the United States and Asia that can fill those orders as well.

Full Turnkey

We can see you all the way through production, taking care of all operation needs throughout the process. A majority of our clients receive boards from us that are fully tested and ready for use.

Testing and Programming

We are able to program production boards and design test fixtures so that the customer doesn't have to. This ensures high quality and performance right out of the shop.