Henway Technical Capabilities

Henway continues to earn high praise by clients for managing any electrical engineering project, regardless of where it is currently in the concept phase. In most cases there are always multiple parties and stakeholders involved and the team takes pride in consistently clearly communicating the way forward, benchmarks and ensuring the collective team are up to date on progress and milestones.
  • Simple to mid-level electonics designs. External partners are pulled in for designs requiring complex engineering

  • Embedded systems type designs, microprocessors,

    memory, user interface buttons and switches

  • Bluetooth, WiFi, 900MHZ, 2.4Ghz, and other RF protocols

  • DC and AC motor controllers including Brushless DCmotor controller design

  • Low-mid scale PCB Manufacturing

  • Touch screen displays

  • Data logging devices

  • Analog and digital sensor front ends

  • Low power, battery-operated designs

  • Detailed 3D CAD of PCBs

  • Conductive ink circuit layouts

  • Conductive ink antenna simulation


Your strategic partner for custom electronics tasks:

Dozens of companies use Henway as their rapid spinup electrical engineering department. Whether you have no in-house capability at all or just need to augment your team, we can be available to meet your clients’ needs on time.

To get started, schedule a meeting to speak with us about your project. We’ll discuss:

  • Size and weight restrictions
  • Production cost targets
  • What about the product is unique
  • Where you are at in the project
  • What do you need before your next deadline
  • Timelines

With this information, we’ll provide you with a detailed proposal including milestones, cost, and timeline.



Compact design challenges are easy with CAD:

Ergonomic designs are no challenge. We import and export DXF, IGES, and STEP files so that you can design a sleeker product. We use Autodesk Fusion 360 PCB software with capabilities to push circuit board changes to other Fusion users in real-time.


Our engineers are great at miniaturizing design when size is the driving factor. We have experience with every IC package ever made and know exactly where to start when miniaturization is the goal.

Custom 3D PCB CAD in 3 Days:

For when you need results FAST! When working with mechanical and industrial designers, we always begin with a preliminary part placement study. Preliminary part placement is a 3D model of the PCB consisting of just the main PCB components such as the processor, connectors, indicator LEDs, and other user-facing components. Changes are quick and easy this early in the development phase so we resolve issues and compromise on tradeoffs in a fraction of the time.


Most Common projects:

  • Bluetooth and WiFi enabled devices

  • Battery powered designs
  • Data logging devices
  • OLED, LCD, and touchscreen displays
  • Brushless DC motor controllers
  • Force and pressure sensors
  • Strain gauges
  • Position sensing and motion sensing (indoor and outdoor)
  • Relay boards
  • LED driver boards
  • Wireless remotes

PCB Designs:

  • Experience with all PCB design platforms such as: Altium, Eagle, Cadence, and Mentor Graphics

  • Extensive component libraries

  • Components designed to IPC-7351

  • Compact layouts: 1-24 layers

  • 3D Import/Export capability

  • Standard PCBs 0.010” – 0.200”

  • Rigid Flex & Metal core PCBs


Embedded Design:

  • Access to exclusive software libraries

  • We use repositories under Mercurial (mostly) and Git. Repositories stored on the Helix Hub servers. We also use this for code reviews

  • Experience with all the major chip manufacturers such as microchip, Atmel (Arduino), SiLabs, Nordic, etc.

  • Embedded C/C++

  • Interaction with sensors, memories and specialized ICs

  • Serial interfaces, including I2C, SPI, UART, 1-wire

  • Wired and wireless interfaces: USB, Ethernet, Bluetooth, WiFi

  • Implementation of adopted GATT profiles

  • Development of custom GATT profiles when required

  • Software flow diagram / state Machine diagrams

  • Detailed API documentation and customer support


Common Deliverables:

  • Overall System Wiring diagram

  • Native schematic, layout and PCBA assembly drawing files

  • Gerber Files (In gerber format)

  • Excel BOM for PCBA

  • Preliminary costing of BOM (from Digikey or other)

  • Wire Harness drawings(PDF and Native format (Eagle, Solidworks, AutoCAD or other showing wire lengths, awg, colors, connectors, pin-to-wire chart, BOM and special instructions)

  • Firmware Source Code and binary/HEX file for direct programming

  • Programming Instructions – Include connection diagram, IDE/Programming software required, programmer hardware and cables required, step-by-step process.