About Us

About us

About us

Henway started as a small engineering company serving custom circuit boards to product development firms. Before long we became like family to these firms. We grew as they grew so our success happened quickly. Some of our clients will admit that we are one of the most valuable resources that they have.

Since 2012 we’ve been developing custom PCBs for every major market for nearly every type of business. We continue to grow as more companies hire us to adopt our unique custom electronics skillsets.

Today we offer custom electronics design and provide PCB manufacturing for a variety of clients.

“We are experts at designing battery powered Bluetooth devices and low power custom data loggers.”

A Complementary & Strategic Partner

We are a group of custom electronics engineers standing by to help you understand the custom electronics endeavor. We can help you make product specifications, define milestones, and explain the timeline. Most of the time we’re able to ball-park costs and timeline over the phone. Call us.

Our in-house prototyping equipment allows us to keep your project on schedule. Typical turn time for PCBa is 3-4 weeks whereas ours are 2-3 days. This allows us to rapidly iterate on new designs, go immediately into pilot production, and provide manufacturing services for
those who need it.

Henway Technologies, Ltd. Services
  • Custom PCB Design
  • Software / Embedded Firmware
  • PCB Manufacturing
  • Breadboard/Proof of concept Prototyping
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Longevity testing, pogo pad test setups
Call us to explain your project to us! (440) 940-4072

Manufacturing Capabilities

Do you think you’re paying too much for your PCBs or want to work with someone local that can provide a turn-key electronics delivery? Henway has a complete line of PCB production equipment including a pick and place machine, solder paste printer, reflow oven, and everything needed for hand soldering/reworking PCBs.
  • Turnkey PCB production
  • Programming and testing PCBs
  • Wire harness design and production
  • Light product assembly
  • Typical turn-time for PCBA is 3-4 weeks. Henway can turn boards around in under 1 week

Henway Typical Deliverables:

Electronics Mfg Quote Pkg:
  • 1. Gerber Files (In gerber format and PDF)
  • 2. Excel BOM for PCBA
  • 3. Assembly Drawing (PDF with mechanical outline and PCB build specifications)
  • 4. Wire Harness drawings (PDF showing wire lengths, awg, colors, connectors, pin-to-wire chart)