About Us

About Us

A Complementary & Strategic Partner


We are a group of custom electronics engineers standing by to help you understand the custom electronics endeavor. We can help you make product specifications, define milestones, and explain the timeline. 

Our in-house prototyping equipment allows us to keep your project on schedule. Typical turn time for PCBs is 3-4 weeks whereas ours are 2-3 days. This allows us to rapidly iterate on new designs, go immediately into pilot production, and provide manufacturing services for those who need it.

Services We Offer

  • Custom PCB Design

  • Software / Embedded Firmware

  • PCB Manufacturing

  • Breadboard/Proof of concept Prototyping

  • Reverse Engineering

  • Longevity testing, pogo pad test setups

Manufacturing Capabilities


Do you think you’re paying too much for your PCBs or want to work with someone local that can provide a turn-key electronics delivery? Henway has a complete line of PCB production equipment including a pick and place machine, solder paste printer, reflow oven, and everything needed for hand soldering/reworking PCBs.

Services We Offer

  • Turnkey PCB production

  • Programming and testing PCBs

  • Wire harness design and production

  • Light product assembly

  • Typical turn-time for PCBA is 3-4 weeks.  Henway can turn boards around in under 1 week

Customer Testimonials

Roy has been instrumental in the success of multiple projects on which we have collaborated. He is quick to understand the overall scope of strategic approach yet is also extremelydetail-oriented regarding specific tasks and deliverables. Most importantly, Roy has the rare ability to immediately assimilate himself as an integral part of the Team.  This includes his participation in both Client-facing and recurring internal meetings, as well as relevant contributions throughout all aspects of a program. From initial concept ideation, to creating technical specifications and managing prototype fabrication and delivery, Roy has consistently proven to be of incredible value. Our business and success at Nottingham Spirk revolves around establishing strong rapport and trust with our Client Partners, but also maintaining these relationships via meeting deadlines and delivering on our promises. On several occasions, Roy’s abilities and involvement played the pivotal role in our accomplishment of these goals.

Jesse Carlson Program Director – Design Team at Notthingham Spirk

Henway has changed the game when it comes to developing new PCB designs. My firm has seen an increase in successfully completed early stage engineering projects since we’ve started working alongside the Henway team, most likely due to their uniquely streamlined schematic capture and PCB layout workflow. These guys are experts at what they do.

Jason Kocher, CEO, Aqua Engineering LLC.


I am delighted to have the opportunity to write a few words about my experience working with Henway Technologies and specifically Mr. Roy Stevens. My company has been working on a project which involved the use of an electronic leveling indicator. My industrial designer heard about Henway technologies from his colleagues and recommended that I contact Roy. I knew how I wanted the end product to function and appear but had no idea how to go about designing an actual PCB. After brief discussion with Roy, he came up with a full proposal to help guide me “soup-to-nuts” through the entire project. We began the project in November 2017 and it has progressed with speed and accuracy throughout. Roy was able to simplify concepts that I proposed with an instant grasp and understanding of our project. Within a short while we had a fully operating PCB prototype in our hands and all the information necessary to apply for patents. Roy has also helped guide me to an outstanding manufacturer in Shenzhen, China. In fact, I made a trip to China last month to visit the factory and was highly impressed with the people that Roy likes to work with. All Gerber files were readily handed off to the PCB manufacturer and last minute changes to the PCB structure were handled with no problem and no effort on my part. In fact, Roy made an otherwise difficult process simple and headache free. I would happily use his services again and would highly recommend Henway Technologies to anyone who is interested in producing their own electronic circuitry.

Larry J. Tiefenbrunn, CEO, Platypod Pro LLC

Henway Staff

Roy, Electrical Engineer
Ruslan, Electrical Engineer
Francisco, Electrical Engineer
Blas, Electrical Engineer
Kyle, Electrical Engineer
James, Electrical Engineer
Julio, Engineering Project Manager
Diane, Electronics Technician
Jennifer, Office Manager
Beth, Account Manager

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