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Henway Technologies offers electrical engineering design, software and manufacturing services. Since 2012, we’ve completed engineering projects for small companies, the Fortune 500, Universities and the federal government. 

Henway’s secret to success is how closely we integrate with our customers and how quickly we can get a project started. We share in the project management tasks, maintain constant communication with your engineering team and help you communicate progress to your clients in ways that are easy to follow along. Our in-house production capabilities allow us to build prototypes in a third of the time it takes to send them out to a traditional fab house.

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Design with modules, SoC and PCB trace antenna, Classic Bluetooth, BLE4.0 and BLE5.0, etc.

Data Loggers

High speed, low power, USB, SD card, flash memory,, download data via USB, Bluetooth, WiFi, IrDA, etc.


Electrochemical, sonar, doppler, fingerprint, pressure, temperature, humidity, proximity, motion, gesture, IMU, accelerometer, etc.


Custom antennas, printed ink antennas, long range, low power, programmable, bidirectional, etc.

Web and PC Interfaces

Debugging and prototyping screens, Windows, Linux, iOS, touchscreen displays, raspberry pi, etc. Username/password login screen, diagnostic data, log data, device control, over-the-air firmware updates, etc.

RF Design / Simulation

Doppler sensors, WiFi/Bluetooth antennas, Cellular antennas, RFID/NFC antennas, etc.

Closed-loop PID controllers

Temperature controlled systems, motion control, chemical control, robotic movements, etc

Qi Charging

Up to 16mm range, PCB level design, custom coils, transmitter and receiver circuits, multicoil, etc.


High speed, high voltage, high noise immunity, automotive grade electronics design, etc.

User Interfaces

Touchscreen displays, high or low resolution, OLED, TFT, eink, LCD character displays, etc.

Battery Powered Circuits

LiPo battery circuits, power optimization, embedded programming for low power operation, battery life estimation calculators

Relay Control Boards

Ethernet/WiFi enabled, fused outputs, current limited, short circuit protection, opto-isolated outputs, 0-5V input/output, 4-20mA input/output, etc.

Motor Drivers

Servo motors, Brushless ESCs, H-bridge circuits, DC brushed motors, high voltage AC motors, current feedback, diagnostics, etc

Printed Conductive Ink

Printed sensor analog front end design, mating connector design, conductive ink antenna design, etc


Design with modules, SoC, PCB trace antenna design, pre-FCC certified module design, combo Bluetooth/Wifi modules, low cost designs