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Henway Technologies is a group of custom product designers focused on the design and development of custom electronic devices. We assume all electronic design responsibilities, quality assurance, and circuit board production & production assistance.

Engineering Firm

We turn your ideas into a fully functioning product. Our low rates, flexibility, and experience mean we’re a good choice if you want to try something new and different. Let’s talk about what’s most important to you and get that done. Then we can try that feature that might just take your project to the next level, and not break the bank in the process..

Detailed quoting

We fully immerse ourselves in the project specs. We put the time and effort into understanding the cost and complexity tradeoffs of our customers’ projects. Frequent, clear communication allows us to help our customers understand these tradeoffs, and allows them to get the most out of their idea.

In-House Prototyping Assembly

Prototype assembly is done at our facility, so the whole process happens under one roof. That means faster work and fewer mistakes, which leads to lower prices for our customers.

Hardware and Software Engineering

We have all the people needed to get a product up and running. We staff talented engineers to do schematics, PCB layout, embedded firmware, software, web, and apps, along with a large network for when other product development skills are needed - industrial design, 3D printing, marketing material, extreme app graphics, and everything related to electronics development. We also work well with other contracted designers.

Manufacturing House

We offer manufacturing solutions for any electronics project. From partial turnkey, phase-specific production, to full turnkey solutions, we are prepared to build test, and ship your product.

Small PCB Assembly Orders

Small pcb orders are hand assembled by our technicians. Engineers look over the design and perform quick power on and programming tests.

Medium or Pilot production orders (10-100 pieces)

We offer quick and easy full turn-key PCB assembly and quick power on / programming tests. Boards are shipped in non-static bags to your door ready to go.

Large orders (fully automated assembly line)

We have automatic PCB assembly equipment that can process up to 1,000 parts per hour. These machines are used for large orders between 100-1,000. Full turn-key estimates.

About Us

Founded in the birthplace of innovation, Akron, Ohio, Henway Technologies is your one stop solution for custom product design. We can handle everything for you from design to production ensuring a quality product and fast turn around time. Staffed with experienced engineers and designers from a multitude of backgrounds, we have the talent and expertise to get your project off the ground both quickly and efficiently.

Henway Technologies Ltd. will design circuits for any business and any budget. We provide intuitive solutions and support while other electronics consultants will only charge more when your design runs into trouble. Let’s turn your idea into a reality, contact us today!


Why Us?

It’s not at all about what price you pay for engineering services. All of Henway’s engineers have had some experience working at high cost development firms, and some of our present customers have left their high cost development partners to work with us, and we all agree that the person you’re assigned to work with makes all the difference. If the engineer you’re assigned to work with doesn’t understand your purpose or isn’t motivated by your project, then the outcome will suffer no matter what you’re paying per hour. Call to speak with a project engineer now to see if we’re what’s best for your project.


Any business developing a product for a new market is going to experience the need for changes as they progress from prototyping to production. Like any development project, changes can be expensive and difficult to manage. When choosing a development company, choose one with in-house manufacturing capabilities so changes can be implemented quickly and accurately. We adapt with your product!

It’s common to want to add extra features to your first prototype, just in case something changes after you demo the product for the first time. Deciding which features to include isn’t a decision that you should have to make alone. Some things that you think are difficult are actually very easy to implement. Did you that we can add a bluetooth radio to a design just as easily as we can add an LED? Or that we can drag-and-drop a LiPo rechargeable battery circuitry into a schematic in just a few minutes. We have pre-made libraries of commonly used parts that can be added on top of any design for for almost no added cost. Deciding what you have budget for and what you don’t shouldn’t be made final until you speak with one of our project engineers. This is all part of our adaptability initiative.

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