Our Rates Are Better Than Competitive


If you’re worried about your customer’s budget, you don’t have to look offshore or shop online job boards to get a great price on proven custom-circuit board design and development.


Design to Development to Prototype to Manufacturing

The entire process, from start to finish, is contained under one roof

  • No custom circuit board challenge too large or small
  • All custom work guaranteed
  • We accept responsibility on our end if something goes awry
  • You get all the credit when it goes right (which is always does)
  • We speak your language and understand the project scope
  • Recommend us – your client will be glad you did
  • Subcontract us – you’ll be glad you did


Last but not least… the peace of mind of knowing your client isn’t out there hiring some circuit board hobbyist or dabbler who is sure to drive you … insane!


Looking for a business that designs custom electronics? Henway Technologies helps with creating project specs and designs custom electronics for almost any industry. No electronics experience is necessary at any time during development. Click here to request a proposal.



Affordable hourly rates

Our low hourly rates are manageable for businesses of any size. Often times our proposals are much less than what you can negotiate for from other companies. Think you have an exceptionally low budget? We have solutions for you. Expensive, all-or-nothing circuitry is not your only option when working with Henway.



Who do we serve?

Our clients range from start-ups to mid-sized businesses. We also work seamlessly with other design service companies such as mechanical design firms, industrial designers, or software development companies.


hooker-revaHow to get started?

Working with Henway does not require any understanding of electronics. Simply send us an introduction email and we ask you the questions. Click here for a link to our contacts page.


Contact Us

We encourage everyone who has visited this site to contact us. Write us an email explaining your project so that we can help you decide if custom electronics is right for you. If we can’t be your circuit design provider, we can at least help point you in the right direction.


FAQ About Henway’s Consulting Services

What makes you think you’ll understand my business? 

We start by listening. I agree nothing is automatic. A great outcome starts with great teamwork, communication, and project specifications (see my article on how to make the perfect project spec). We listen for ques as we discuss your needs. Specifically, what it is about your project that makes the money. Then we use our knowledge of custom electronics to define a project roadmap that realizes our combined goals.

How do you guarantee results? 

We don’t surprise people with our results. Our clients are always engaged and we communicate often. There is never a time when we’re working towards a goal that isn’t in the best interest of the whole team. That’s why we don’t charge for phone calls. We encourage all of our customers to ask questions, query about design tweaks, and build relationships.

What makes you different?

We don’t want “former clients”. We want to build long term relationships with everyone we work with. Technology and manufacturing processes are constantly changing. This means incrementally making the right adjustments that make your business more profitable for months and years to come.

We might not be a good match if…

We’re probably not everyone’s perfect partner imaginable. There are some projects that may not work with my flow:

1. “We have ‘big money’ so we expect to be a priority.”

We can work with those who need expedited results, but all of our clients deserve equal respect. If you’re used to working with big consulting firms who can push off their little clients, then we’re not for you.

2. “We need help making weapons that will do harm to others.”

We think this one is self explanatory. Yes, we are good enough to make electronics for aid in mass destruction. No, we will not be making any for you. We like to sleep at night.

3. “Just give me something now and we’ll fix it later.”

If you think you can get to market faster by having us produce crap quickly and cheaply — with the intention to “fix” it later, then we may not be compatible. We have a reputation for delivering circuits that work. Our clients are interested in making solid investments in their business and don’t rush through the details.


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